chocomouse13 (chocomouse13) wrote,

the lies we tell

i'm feeling quite traumatised right now, i was imformed by my mother this morning that i'm gonna be in paris when martin comes home, so tht upset me.

but worse than that i'm traumatised by something from the past which some girl in my sociology class decided to bring up in the lesson yesterday.
A few years ago i was slapped round the face by a girl i hardly knew who accused me and jade of having made racist comments to her. We hadn't we just stuck our fingers up at her sister on the bus. It all blew up into a massive thing with me and jade having to speak to the deputy head teacher and the girl who beat us up bein suspended.
This girl in my sociology class however believed her freind's story that me and jade had racially insulted her and she had been expelled for defending herself. God the passion in her voice when she was talkin about it, she was so angry. I just freaked out. First off i was gonna point out that i was the 'some girl' who charlene had slapped and tell her the true story of how it was a big mess. Then i was gonna walk out of the lesson coz i didn't wanna be all confrontational. In the end i just sat there facing the other way crying quietly hopeing no-one would notice. They didn't which kinda made me feel worse and now i'm paranoid that one day she will remember that i was tht girl and try to avengenge her friend's unfair expulsion. (she was actually only suspended and her parents moved her and her sister to a different school as they 'didn't apreciate the way the school delt with the incident' or at least thats what i was told.)

anyway rant over. I'm just so scared now.


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