chocomouse13 (chocomouse13) wrote,

society sucks

most people just want to be the same,
most people will do anything to be 'cool',
most people follow magazines like bibles,
most people are sad tht totp is gone because they don't know what music they should buy anymore,

I am not like them, I would rather die!!

they hate me for it and i know it, so i make them hate me more by returning there insults with thank yous and softly blown kisses. I hate their guts none the less. I just don't let them know that or they would tear me apart, i see it in their eyes.
I write something that no-one but my friends is suppossed to read and they attack me for it, without even asking why i did it.
I wear clothes that express who i am and what i'm here for and they slate me for it and tell me not to go outside.
I put a chain, one simple inoffensive chain on the back of my jacket and some stupid bastard has to yank it off because it's not something they would do.

it almost makes me want to give up being myself, if they had done this to me earlier mayb i would turn back but it's just too late now. They wouldn't take me back anyway. not that i would want them too.

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