November 26th, 2007


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havn't been on here so long i nearly forgot my password and hey look i still have red hair in my picture god tht was like a year ago... :S

yeh so i am currently over contemplating the world agen, upseting everyone and trying to recapture the feeling of being fabulously stoned by listening to the same music (duh like tht'll work)

its all because of tht stupid book. the end of mr y by scarlett thomas.
i identified with it too much and now its taken over my mind, yes even down to the stupid thoughts of rough sex with older men.

i hate that book, never ever read it.

i think thts all i actually have the mental energy to spill atm evethough i came on here for a total rant but oh well thts the way life goes.


ps gonna change my name to Katherine Alexia? Murano
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